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Zirconia Veneer

Zirconia Veneer


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    1. Hand torque only

    2. No TI Base Needed – Direct connection to MUA

    3. Never loosens

    4. Works on all materials

    5. Screw channel never breaks

    6. Digital library available

    Use Rosen Screw and have a peace of mind!


    Compatible With the following MUA’s:
    3i Adin Astra Blue Dess Biohorizons Cortex Densply Dentis ICX GenTek ZFX Hiossen, Keystone Medentika IPS Medentis Medical (ICX) VanityGen Megagen Neobiotech Neodent mini conical Nobel Biocare Noris Osstem Southern Implants Straumann SRL Thommen Medical Zimmer

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